Hey theerree (grandpahyuuga) wrote in narphim,
Hey theerree

*in character*

Hey short man(Neji), where are ya? My eyes ain't as good as they used ta be! *smiles, missing teeth and whistles through the gaps*

*waddles around* C'mere short man and sit on my lap. I got some presents for ya. Eheeeheee.

You know I used to look just like you when I was a youngin. Why, I found a picture of me in my early teens the other day! See a resemblance?


((BTW! The AIM names for the three new Hyuugas ARE:

GrandpaHyuuga -for Grandpa of course.
JeffHyuuga- for Jeff of course.
JohnnyHyuuga- for Johnny, DUH.

EDIT: Uhh.. the Netscape thing wouldn't let me make the Johnny AIM name!! ;__; So if like, someone could do it for me like, *twirls finger in hair* that would be nice. And you can make the password like, whatever you want. =D THANKS. Oh and I doubt that someone already took that screenname but if that's the case (you never know!) then like, make it John or something. o_o

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