Yume (magicalfangirl) wrote in narphim,


foxykyuu - October 17
ameagari_aoi - October 7
bigboyjiroubou - October 29
chiyo_sags - October 7

There could be more. I picked names at random. Those characters =3 Have 4 days to update, or give me an excuse- or they're out. Four days, Faygen.

U_U You guys, as I clicked on random names, I was really surprised by how a lot of you are ten times more inactive then last time I did this. ( I need to check more throughly.. )

But I understand, given the time it is. So, I'm not really gonna do a more through check until uh.. like.. February, but maybe after since that's my birthday/Katsucon month so I'll probably be busy.

But just give me some excuses or get a little more active maybe, please?

NOW. =D I won't be around ALL DAY tomorrow. =D =D That's why I said four days instead of three, because tomorrow uhh.. doesn't count. =D
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AHAHAHAHAH omg..I need to update Chiyo T_T

Aoi is GONE. GONE. That was Hoisian.

I need to punch kim in the face and remind her that Jiroubou is hilarious and must update.
AHAHAHAHHH omg .... yes you do.

I thought that.. *kicks Aoi away*

Yes, you do that, you punch her. But don't. =3
....Just because of this.. It will be a painful update.