Sidney (selica_rav) wrote in narphim,

Dropping Ukki-kun.

Uh... ok, well I know I've totally sucked at updating and being online, and I don't know how I'm going to get less busy soon, but *slams fist on table* I'm going to have to! I thought about quitting but I don't know if I could stand doing that so... I'm not.

You're stuck with me until I change my mind or get kicked out for inactivity u_u

*gets to the point* I'm posting to say I'm dropping Ukki. Not that I really think anyone else would want him, but he gets even less rp use than Hinata and Kabuto.

So I guess you can all defriend pimp_in_green and photosynthesisho (on aim).

Uh, thank you and Happy Festivus.
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