The moon of Nix (staringathesky) wrote in narphim,
The moon of Nix


I realize this is very late notice. Shikamaru is throwing a christmas party for most/everyone in Konoha... the only hitch is that it's tonight. Like I said, late notice. Whoever's on tonight is invited to the party. Basically it's like any traditional christmas dinner; lots of food. Don't bring anything, no need to exchange gifts, and no super crack. ("super crack" being total chaos)

Make this like a chain reaction... it's the last event before the new year, let's make it good. :D

I'll be on tonight after 9:30 PM eastern, but anyone who wishes to at least go in and ooc it while I'm gone the chat name is narphimchristmas

hope to see most tonight ♥
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